These types of exercises give worry about-awareness, meditation for the relationships looks, personality from latest developmental work, and you will paths to help you private growth

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Brand new conceptual soundness of your Loevinger developmental idea could have been supported because of the strict look (Cohn and you can Westenberg 2004; Manners and you will Durkin 2001). Towards reason for browse and you will comparison, Loevinger developed a projective analysis device to own measuring such degree: this new Arizona University Phrase End Try (WUSCT). The Loevinger model and you will investigations unit are extremely a standard for ego development browse, and to go out they’re the basis having hundreds of comparison regarding adult ego advancement (Pfaffenberger and you may ).

Many look towards Enneagram has concerned about verification of the build authenticity of your own brands and you may predictive feature out of review tool (Painful 2010; Sutton 2012). Studies have exhibited that there’s empirical validity into the system and you may predictive ability out of products (Daniels and you will Rate 2009; Wagner 1983). Self-confident correlations with other personality balances was basically presented, like the Occupational Identification Questionnaire (OPQ), the major Four traits (Bartram and you may Brownish 2005), and you can then projective testing (Sutton 2012). In keeping with Enneagram theory, studies show that a person’s certain Enneagram sort of remains stable throughout the years, with the average stability away from 85% using the Million Illinois Thinking-Declaration Directory Bills and you may Myers–Briggs Form of Sign (Wagner 1983).


Reflection exercises remind private query courtesy worksheets, short teams, and you will dyad training. The newest 4th discovering modality, experiential mining, includes: (a) led visualizations; (b) conscious feeling practices; and you may (c) bodywork and you will path. Such experiential explorations give increased focus on mental and you can intellectual preoccupations of your own nine products in addition to their related bodily sensations.

In addition, an ANOVA of post-training scores by training site was conducted to examine whether the mean ego development scores differed between the sites after the Enneagram training. The ANOVA revealed an overall between-group difference of mean ego development score by training site post-training, F(7, 8) = 2.60, p < .05. Post hoc LSD tests revealed that at the p < .05 level, one introductory course in Palo Alto had significantly lower post-training scores than each of the Enneagram Intensive training sites, with the exception of Vallombrosa () (Table 4). In addition, the Intensive training site Asheville (2005) revealed a significantly higher post-training score than the Vallombrosa () Intensive training site.

We believe the panel type the fresh new Story Society may rather subscribe to participant progress. Because this studies failed to determine this type of ramifications of the education experience, future look is simulate this research and try toward abilities off variety of boards within the dancing pride development.

All the Enneagram classes in this study were t teachers throughout the Narrative Culture; yet not, new Enneagram Interval training groups had been most of the t Story Community, as compared to Palo Alto course that has been perhaps not trained by center professors. We recommend that future degree control into the differences in Enneagram educators. Specifically, detailed blog post-training participant recommendations of one’s instructors additionally the classes can get yield facts about these types of variables impacted the outcome away from ego innovation all blackplanet visitors over studies organizations. Finally, the main cause of the low posttest get toward Enneagram Intense education Vallombrosa classification is unfamiliar. Pointers made in it area can get produce a great deal more uniform abilities you to definitely were not managed having in this data.

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