100% Recycled

More Than Clothing

At Visori Studio we cherish a slow pace , artisanal ,creative production process . Each of our garments is worked in a unique way in our workshop in Valencia (Spain). We are committed to sustainability in the world of fashion. For this reason, you will find 50 and / or 100% recycled garments in our FUCKING DENIM and USED ARMY collections. We follow a peculiar and personal aesthetic process when creating them. We do not reproduce these pieces, each one is unique. Every week we include new items and sizes. When you get one, there will be no other like it in the world. In our ART COLLECTOR collection we show signature pieces, rarities that arise from the creativity of our designer Javier Soria. He cares and produces them, since they are works of art. VISORI STUDIO —- Millares 8. Valencia (Spain).